Beginner Calligraphy, Monograms, and Holiday Handlettering!

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Beginner Calligraphy, Monograms, and Holiday Handlettering!

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Sept 21st 7-9pm Calligraphy for Beginners

This class will cover the basics of pointed pen calligraphy, from how to hold a pen to forming strokes, letters, and words in a modern copperplate calligraphy style. We'll be using traditional materials - steel nibs, dip pens, and ink - to make beautiful letters. The class is perfect for beginners and offers personal, hands-on instruction. Absolutely no experience is required!

October 19th 7-9pm Monograms

Using calligraphic script as our foundation, students will develop their own personalized, handmade monograms. Together we will sketch and refine letters, working to overlap curves and add flourishes using traditional and historic monograms as our models and inspiration. All students will leave with a monogram of their own design that can be applied to stationery, linens, stamps, and more! This class is suitable for beginners, no prior design or lettering experience is required. 

November 16th 7-9pm Beginner Calligraphy and Lettering for the Holidays SOLD OUT! 

Just in time for the winter holidays, you’re invited to “pretty up” your packages with some decorative hand lettering. Together we’ll work to learn the basics of calligraphic lettering using markers and pens on gift tags to add an extra special touch to holiday gifts and cards. This class is suitable for beginners, and students will take home up to five finished gift tags at the end of the night — additional tags and materials will be available for purchase. Please note that dip pens will be available for “play” use throughout the class but the majority of classwork will be done with brush pens and markers.


Emily Martin is the designer and calligrapher behind Scarlet Day Calligraphy. She works with clients from Pittsburgh and around the country to add a special, handmade, calligraphic touch to special events. Learn more at or @scarletdaycalligraphy on Instagram.

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