Spring Break (March 18-22 + 25-29, April 15-19) • School Year Camps

SPRING BREAK CAMP 2019MARCH 18-22 + MARCH 25-29.png
SPRING BREAK CAMP 2019MARCH 18-22 + MARCH 25-29.png

Spring Break (March 18-22 + 25-29, April 15-19) • School Year Camps

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Ages 5-10
bring a water bottle, snack, and lunch (if staying until 3:00)

We offer spring break camps the weeks of March 18-22 and the week of March 25-29. Here is our typical schedule:

9:00-9:45 Warm up time/choice art/welcome and greet campers

9:45-10:15 Snack time

10:15-11:45 Work on Main Project (see what we’re up to each week below)

11:45-12:00 Clean up and half day campers pack up for pick up

12:00-1:30 Lunch and Outdoor Play (weather permitting)

1:30-2:45 Studio Time (extension of project, other mini projects, materials/books/blocks available, books + games, etc)

2:45-3:00 Clean up and pack up!

Monday March 18 Art That Bounces, Wiggles, and Rolls. Explore a variety of movement based art processes for some messy fun!

Tuesday March 19 Drawing from Life: Explore several kinds of mark-making tools like charcoal, pastel, watercolor pencils and more as we look closely at living things.

Wednesday March 20 Larger than life self portraits. Experiment with paint + other materials as we create giant self portraits.

Thursday March 21 Slime: Spring Edition. Make slime, play with slime, bring your slime home! No further notes!

Friday March 22 Sticky Mosaic Collages. Use a new surface to create a detailed collage work of art.

Monday March 25 or Monday April 15 Slime Time Day 2. If we can’t catch you the week before, here’s another option for more slime play!

Tuesday March 26 or Tuesday April 16 Nest inspired nature weavings

Wednesday March 27 or Wed April 17 Cardboard Abstract Sculpture

Thursday March 28 or Thurs April 18 Make Your Own Sticker Pack

Friday March 29 or Fri April 19 Spring Inspired Lanterns

Tor register, add each date to your cart. If you want to sign up for an entire week of spring break camp, please email hello@hatchpgh.com and we will send you an invoice with a 5% discount! A sibling discount is already applied when you select 2 (number of kids)- kids must be living in the same household to register together- please otherwise sign up separately.

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